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Welcome to The Historical Museum of Richfield in beautiful Summit County, Ohio! The Historical Museum of Richfield operates under the Richfield Historical Society.  Thank you for visiting our website.  Please be sure to visit us at the museum. Admission is always free and group tours are available  by calling (330) 659-0336.

 Planning a visit?  The Historical Museum of Richfield's regular hours of operation are:

Tuesday         9:00 am - Noon

Thursday       9:00 am - Noon



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Richfield Historical Society Mission Statement

The mission of the Richfield Historical Society is to preserve and interpret the history of Richfield, by collecting and preserving records and articles of interest, as well as to promote interest in and educate the public about the people and events that have shaped our rich history by making available to interested parties such historical information as may be obtainable.

With engaging exhibits, tours, special events, historic artifacts, archival and photographic collections, educational programs, presentations and outreach for children and adults, the Richfield Historical Society’s purpose is to create and promote appreciation for Richfield’s diverse cultural, social and economic history.   

The work of Richfield Historical Society consists of the following activities:

  • New Permanent Richfield History Exhibitions
  • Temporary Exhibitions
  • Public Programming
  • TakeMeBack Series 
  • Don’t Wait INVESTigate program
  •  PictureThis!
  • Opportunities for Volunteers
  • Improve Website Experience
  • Digital accession records in PastPerfect Museum Software
  • Store objects, archives, and photographs in an appropriate manner

Expanded Hours of Operation for the public's enjoyment in viewing current exhibits.

  • Individuals from Richfield, whether they are current residents or have lived here at one time in their life. 
  • Individuals from outside of Richfield who are interested in area history.


  • Genealogy inquiries
  • History of specific Richfield houses.
  • Collaborative research with other historical societies and community organizations.
  • History students
  • School assignments

Maintain Richfield’s historical presence within and outside of the community

  • Annual Richfield Historic Home & Garden Tour
  • Richfield Community Day
  • Picket Fence Art Show at Farnam Manor
  • Valley Windows Pow-Wow in Northampton
  • Loan exhibits or items

The Richfield Historical Society is here to help preserve our town’s history for you and your children. With help from residents and descendants of early families, we strive every day:

  • To collect & preserve records and articles of interest pertaining to the history and families of Richfield, Ohio;
  • To promote interest in Richfield, Ohio history;
  • To make available to interested parties such historical information as may be obtainable and develop facilities for Society meetings and exhibits.
  • Gather historical data of old families, old homes, organizations and public buildings, which are being filed for reference and made available to the public.


The Gift of History

"History is an account of things said and done in the past. In this sense, each of us seeks to fashion and is part of a history—an account of where we come from, who we are, and how we got to be that way. Communities, likewise, have a history. So, too, do nations, families, and human groups of every sort. In this sense, there is not one history, but many.

Historical accounts serve us in many ways. They can inspire us with stories of exemplary lives or caution us with tales of human folly and wickedness. Accounts of the past can inform and educate us by providing contexts and perspectives that allow us to make thoughtful decisions about the future. And histories have the power to delight and enrich us, enlarging and intensifying the experience of being alive.

History organizations, in these ways, make history a living presence in the lives of Americans and American communities.

History is also a discipline, one that requires attention to the evidence, warns of the partiality of all accounts of the past—including our own—and offers methods for determining which are most tenable (O'Toole, 2010)."

Excerpt from:

O'Toole, D. A. (2010). The gift of history. AASLHTechnicalLeaflet: A publication of the American association for state and local history, (252), Retrieved from www.aaslh.org



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